Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A laugh out loud moment

The funniest thing happen the other day with me and my friend Stacy. We were sitting in a mini fan called taxi. At the back of the driver the taxi was full we just waited for one person. Now just imagine a group of people sitting in a fan everybody is in there on world. The lady next to me was reading a magazine; the others had earphones on and some steer in front of them. Just when the last person made ready to get in the taxi something weird happen. The taxi started to roll forward, but the funny thing is no one had notice it in the first place. Just when it started to roll fast everybody jump from their seats. I normally watch it in movies when the driver run out of the taxi and the people want to get out of the taxi, but that afternoon it happened to me, Stacy was sitting at the window she jumps over me and the lady next to me, me sitting there didn’t know how to stop the taxi decide to follow Stacy out. You could imagine just women storming out that small space. But the thing that stood out for me was the lady sitting in front was eating a burger and had lots of bags with her. I really wanted to know what she was thinking at that state because she left everything and made a duck out of that taxi. I never laugh me so out. First thing I was thing why didn’t she stopped the taxi press or pull anything just so that it can stop. But luckily a man runs over the seat plus a hit Stacy on the mouth just to pull the break. When the taxi came to still. I couldn’t stop laughing for everybody’s silliness. Plus the black lady sitting in front who was the closes to the break, and was the first one to get out of the taxi. I really couldn’t stop laughing. Plus to top it up I was the door operator everybody passed the money to me. So when we had to go the taxi didn’t want to start some people had to come help push. So finally the people in the taxi decided to get out and take a other taxi, and me who got all of them money had to give it back what a delay it was. But it was the best experience with Stacy. Lol    

Friday, 20 April 2012

First Time

I always wanted to have my own blog, where I can write what I really want to say. I feel this blog is gonna be my personal dairy where i can not down what I can't express. I also hope people will have a clear mind on what kind off person I am.